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Rivers in Haldia

The importance of rivers for sustainable living because of mankind’s dependence on water is no secret anywhere in the world. But in a country like India, rivers assume an even greater significance. Apart from providing us the valuable resource of water they have great religious importance.
Haldia has been blessed with a location that is important strategically as well as for religious reasons.

Haldi River (Source:

Nestled in between three great rivers, Haldia is bestowed with everything that rivers bestow on a place. Beautiful river banks, source of water, wonderful view of nature and panoramic views. Haldia is a river port situated on the banks of river Haldi, so it would be prudent to discuss the Haldi River first.

Haldi River

The township of Haldia has grown on the borders of this river. It is a tributary of River Hoohly (Ganges), and meets this great river at the industrial town of Haldia. The river is 24 kms long and is a favorite place for the people of Haldia and tourists to pass their time. Haldi river forms due to the combining of two separate rivers- the Keleghai River and the Kasai River. The source of Haldi river is Kasai River.

Things To Do In And Near Haldi River

Previously, a cataraman service was initiated between Kolkata and Haldia and people used to enjoy the ride on the river.  But owing to cost and time the service was not continued. Other option now is to spend some good time with family on the bank of the river and enjoy the cool breeze.

Keleghai River (Source:

Keleghai River

Originating at the Purba Medinipur District of West Bengal, this river from Baminigram in Jhargram Subdivision has been known to cause floods in certain regions.

The name Keleghai has been christened by Lodhas, who are a particular tribe living in the state of West Bengal.

The Keleghai River is 121 kms long and joins the Kasai River in Mahishadal which is then together called the Haldi River.

Kasai River in Haldia

The Kasai River belongs to the Coastal River Group of rivers in West Bengal. The river is also known by names such as Cossey and Kangasbati. It originates from the Chota Nagpur plateau of Jharkhand and then makes journey through various places like Bankura and Purulia in Bengal. After passing through various locations, the river breaks into two and one of the branch moves towards the south-eastern direction and joins the Keleghai River to form the Haldi River. It is a shallow category of river and has a length of 365 kms.

Hooghly River in Haldia

The Hooghly River has great history attached to it. An important symbol of Hindu religion, this is one of the major rivers that flow through the state of West Bengal. This 260 Km long distributary of The Ganges has great significance in Bengal and its economy. It has been a source of great historical and religious relevance as well. Hooghly has played a pivotal role in the history of Bengal and helped transportation, trade and commerce in he region.

The Hooghly River empties into the Bay of Bengal, and it is here that Haldia comes into picture. The presence of Hooghly in Haldia is due to the southwards movement of the river in Nurpur before entering into the Bay of Bengal. It is in Haldia that lower Hooghly intersects with the Haldi river and meets he Bay of Bengal.

The rivers in Haldia finally meet and provide a magnificent sight where the different and distinct rivers finally empty into the great water body of Bay of Bengal. A source of trade, commerce, transportation , tourism and inspiration, these rivers are the lifelinf of Haldia.

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