Emergency Services in Haldia

Emergencies can pose problems for us at anytime and the preparedness of the administrative machinery of a town to cope with any sort of emergency situation gives us an insight into the operational excellence of the place. Haldia, with its ever increasing population and unstoppable growth story of industrial development has been able to develop an exemplary emergency services infrastructure.

Emergencies can creep up any time with regards to health and safety. Helplines and centers have been set up to cope with any untoward situation and provide aid and rescue facilities to the citizens in distress. Some of the details of emergency facilities in Haldia are mentioned below:
Emergency Services in Haldia

Police Service in Haldia

The safety of citizens and upkeep of law and order in a city or town is the responsibility of the police department. A well connected network of contact to reach the police stations helps a lot in preventing crimes and other untoward incidents.
  • Superintendent of Police, Tamluk - Ph. 03228 - 269667
  • Addl. S. P., Tamluk - Ph. 03228 - 269581
  • Addl. S. P., Haldia - Ph. 03224 - 278116

Police Stations in Haldia

A robust set up of police stations have been set up in all the parts of Haldia to deal with any antisocial elements or situations.With an eye towards the well being of its citizens, the police tries to do the best that it can.

  • Haldia : 03224 - 251112
  • Durgachak : 03224 -251111
  • Bahwanipur : 03224 - 251113
  • Sutahata : 03224 - 281344
  • Mahishadal : 03224 - 240237
  • Nandakumar : 03228 - 275255
  • Nandigram : 03224 - 232551
  • Tamluk: 03228- 266035
  • Kolaghat: 250488
  • Chandiur: 032220-244221
  • Emergency police code- 100

Blood Bank in Haldia

Requirement of blood for treatment purpose can creep up anytime.In these times it becomes very important to have a rustworhy and dependable network of blood banks. And that is what Haldia provide you- a dependable and trustworthy network of blood banks.

  • Haldia Sub-Div. Hospital-03224-274108
  • Tamluk Sadar Hospital, 03228-266109

Hospitals and Nursing Homes in Haldia

The health infrastructure in Haldia is comparable to any world class health care infrastructure. Superspeciality hospitals, clinics, private nursing homes all can be found in Haldia which provide service to the sick and needy.
  • Haldia Sub-Division Hospital : 03224 - 278112
  • Dr. B C Roy Hospital : 03224 - 269053 , F. - 03224 - 269052
  • Haldia Institute of Dental Sciences and Research
  • (Dental College) : 03224 - 269057/269056, F. - 03224 - 269058
  • SAB Nursing Home : 03224 - 274718
  • Mediland Nursing Home: 03224 - 274530
  • Haldia Seva Sadan : 03224 - 252160
  • Medicare Nursing Home : 03224 - 274142
  • Pal Nursing Home : 03224 - 274222
  • Portland Nursing Home : 03224 - 277102
  • Sudha Nursing Home : 03224 - 274054
  • Khila Nursing Home : 03224 - 274690

Fire Services in Haldia

Haldia Fire Station is always in top form to prevent any mishaps related to incidents of fire.

  • Fire Brigade: 03224-252480/252404/252433
  • Director General of Fire: 033-22527172
  • Haldia Fire Station Chiranjibpur: 03224-252500

Ambulance Service in Haldia

Round the clock ambulance service is necessary to counter emergency health situations.
Ambulance service is provided by:

Port Hospital, Purba Medinipur, Haldia
Phone no: 03224-264295
Address: St Xavier’s School, Purba Medinipur, Haldia- 721607

M/s Medicure
Basudevpur, HPL Link Road,
Durgachak, Haldia- 721602
Phone no: 03224- 277803

Eye Care in Haldia

Specialized eye care treatment is becoming very popular these days. Many healthcare providers are venturing into this specialized section. There are other healthcare providers as well who club the eye care facilities with general care facilities. Some of the places providing eye care in Haldia are:

Port Hospital, Purba Medinipur, Haldia
Phone No: 03224- 264295

Government Hospital
Durga Chowk,
Basudevpur Road, Khajanchak
Haldia- 721602
Phone no: 03224- 278112

Haldia CPT Hospital
Dock Complex, Purba Medinipur, Haldia-721604
Phone no: 03224- 263388/263234

It would be safe to say that Haldia has a vigilant and effective emergency service infrastructure. One can contact the emergency numbers in times of need and find solutions to their problems. The Haldia administration has been doing its best for the citizens and always strives to set a benchmark in providing these facilities.
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