Food in Haldia

Napolean Bonaparte once famously said that “an army marches on its stomach”. It would be prudent to extend it to food and point out that a tourist marches on her stomach. A trip is made worthwhile not only by the places we visit but also by the food that the region has to offer. Mouth watering, delicious and sumptuous food on a holiday provides that added spring in ones step and goes a long way in adding to the memories and delight. Food in Haldia will make your taste buds go happy with delight and there is something for everybody’s platter.

The Bong Connection in Haldia

Bengali Thali (

Food in Haldia is predominantly inspired by Bengali cuisine and one will encounter range of food that consists of rice, fish and meat cooked in traditional Bengali style. Spices form a very important part of the cooking style and spices like kalonji and paanch phoran (a mixture of fennel, cumin, black mustard seeds, kalonji and fenugreek) are distinct to this part of the country.

Love for Fish and Meat in Haldia

Fish Curry (Source: bookyourtable,com)

A bengali’s love for fish is no secret to the world. Their obvious leaning towards variety of fishes has lead to the introduction of variety of dishes made of fish. Haldia too offers a variety of fish dishes. One can get tired eating the innumerable types and dishes of fish ranging from rohu, tangra. magur, shingi, katla, illish and many more.

You will be amazed on discovering that illish can be cooked in 108 different ways. Illish is a high point of Bengali cuisine and is the most demanded and highly favorite fish delicacy in the region. Chingri mach (prawn) is also a sought after specialty and is a good option.

One can have the classic curry (jhol) based fish, choose to eat it fried or roasted or there is another popular option of tasting fish prepared with posto.

Street Food and Snacks in Haldia

Bengal, and for that matter Haldia is very popular for street food. One can come across street food stalls sprinkled all across the busy roads of the town that offer mouth watering chat, kachori, samosa and beguni. Team it up with a hot cup of tea and you will find an instant revival after a hard day’s tour.Jhal muri or muri is another specialty typical to this part. Muri is made of puffed rice and this is den mixed with potatoes, spices, onion, oil and chilly. Puchka is another street snack which is a must eat for anybody visiting this place. One can have it spicy or mixed with sweet chutney according to ones preference.

Sweets in Haldia

Sandesh- a speciality bengali sweet (

You come to this part of the country and go back satisfied that you got the opportunity to taste different kind of sweets. A paradise for people who have a sweet tooth, Haldia has lots of sweet shops and loads to offer. Sweets (Mishti) are generally milk based or chenna (unripened curd cheese) based. Some of the sweets worth trying are:

Rosogolla- The most popular and widely used sweet in the region. It is round in shape and is made of chhena coked in sugar syrup

  • Sondes
  • Pantua
  • Rasmalai
  • Pitha
  • Chamcham
  • Mishti Doi (Sweet Curd)

Fast Food Restaurants in Haldia

Haldia offers great Chinese and fast food for everybody across levels. Apart from this, there is a fair deal of continental food also on offer. Hotels like The Golden Retreat offer great Chinese and continental cuisine and there are also places like Smwaranika which is a good choice for fast food if you do not want to go for a ver expensive affair. Some of the restaurants and places to eat are:

Mekow Restaurant

Situated in The Royal Harbour Hotel it serves delicious Bengali and multi-cuisine food.
Address: The Royal Harbour Hotel
HPL Link Road, Haldia-721602

Benfish Restaurant

Address: Near Haldia Development Authority
Super Market Road, Haldia-721602

Sunflower Restaurant

Address: Hotel East Coast, Durgachak
Purba Medinipur, Haldia- 721602

Delicious Restaurant

Address: Royal Park Hotel, Makhan Babur Bazar
Haldia Township, Haldia-721606


Address: Durga Chowk, Basudevpur
Near Unnayan Bhawan, Haldia-721602

China Valley Restaurant

One of the best places to dine in Haldia, the Chinese food here is rated very highly.
It serves multicuisine and continental too.

A tourist’s ultimate objective is to soak in the charm, beauty and surroundings of a place. But when there is good food to accompany all this, the holiday becomes memorable. Haldia is one place which will make your visit memorable because of the delicious food it offers.

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