Haldia Tourism

Haldia Tourism

One of the most important aspects contributing to the development and well being of a place is the extent and quality of tourism in that area. It contributes immensely to the economy and popularity of a place. A fast developing industrial town, Haldia has slowly climbed the ladder of development without compromising with its natural beauty and serenity. Situated on the banks of River Haldi it provides a perfect setting and opportunity for the travelers to explore the wonders and joys of eco-tourism. There is no better way to go about exploring a place than visiting the pristine and picturesque natural settings- a pleasure for the eyes as well as the soul.

A multitude of places of interest for the pleasure seeking traveler trying to find respite from the hectic and fast paced day to day life & places of historical importance and archaeological importance for the passionate and knowledge seeking traveler can be found in the serene setting of Haldia. Temples, rivers, heritage sites and well planned Industrial Township are all found in Haldia.

Travelling in and around Haldia:

Traveling in and around Haldia is easy and enjoyable. The robust transport network has proved very advantageous for tourism in Haldia. Both, road transport network and connectivity through waterways are excellent. Government and private buses keep plying from the township to surrounding areas. Private buses are available from Township to Mechada and these buses make regular stop at place like Radhamoni, Kapasberia, Nandakumar. One can also make use of the ferry services to reach Haldia and other surrounding places.

Tourist Spots in Haldia:

Haldia Marine DriveA perfect place for eco-tourism to enjoy the pristine gifts of the wonderful flora and fauna, one has to visit Haldia. If you want to enjoy scenic sunrise and sunsets against the backdrop of beautiful water bodies, treat yourself to virgin beaches; want to enjoy the green blue water and witness tall coconut and palm trees, then you have got to visit Haldia.

Marine Drive- A beautiful and magnificent drive, this is the place where the Haldi and Hooghly river meet together and merge with the Bay of Bengal. You drive on the long stretch of the road and on the other side you can witness the sun setting in the horizon against the background of numerous ships afloat the coast.

A truly heartwarming experience
One can also find the health conscious people taking a stroll or jogging on the drive. A perfect jogger’s park to enjoy the cool morning breeze. The 6 km drive to Haldia Township is a picture-book experience. The road is lined with tall palm and coconut trees which welcome one with their open arms.

Sure to give you an enthralling experience while driving, jogging or ust taking a casual stroll. The drive is also being frequented by families for picnic outings these days. So, there is something for everybody who visits the Marine Drive.

Rajbari: Rajbari when translated into English means mansion or palace. So, the palace of a King (Raja) is called Rajbari. The two sprawling properties are great sights to visit.
Haldia Dock: The major reason for the development of the industrial town of Haldia. Haldia Dock has its origin that dates back to British India. The Dock Complex has developed in due course of time and is the major industrial catalyst for the region.

Other Places of Interest in Haldia are:

  • Tamluk
  • Mahishadal
  • Geonkhali
  • Maynagarh
  • Balighata
  • Nayachar

Hotels in Haldia:

Haldia has a good number of quality hotels for everybody. Even though Haldia is not very big, there are some great luxury hotels. This is because of the setting up of various multinational companies. Visitors keep thronging this place for business as well as for tourist purpose. So, a world class hospitality needs to be in place. There are plenty of options for the economically savvy tourist too. Some of the best hotels and guest houses are managed by the Haldia Development Authority.

Some of the hotels and guest houses in Haldia are:

  • Royal Park
  • Calssic Inn
  • Haldia Bhawan
  • Golden Retreat
  • Hotel Royal Harbour

Religious Places of Interest in Haldia

In addition to the above mentioned features, there are other places of interest as well. Temples, places of religious significance, historic monuments and industrial areas showcasing the development of the region can be found here. There are temples like:

  • Ramjew Temple
  • Gopaljew Temple
  • Bargabhima Temple
  • Muktidham Temple
  • Ramkrishna Mission Temple

Shopping in Haldia:

Big Bazaar in Haldia You visit a place and take back some most treasured memories from that place. And these memories can be substantiated most naturally with the mementos and other things we shop from the tourist spots. Haldia is famous for its local handicrafts and products of its cottage industries.

Traditional craft items such as mat weaving, horn craft, brass and metal & Pata chitra have distinct characteristics of their own. These ranges of items are a sure shot heart winners for the tourists.

Prized possessions for your home and family which will make your neighbors go green with envy. Apart from handicrafts and some traditional shopping there is also plenty to explore for the modern day shopper. To cater to the needs of the employees of various industries, a large number of shopping complexes have been built. One of the major retail chains of India, Big Bazaar has set its shop here. A new, sprawling City Center is also underway construction in Debhog.
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