Health in Haldia

An age old saying pretty aptly points out that ‘Health is Wealth’. Good health leads to a sound mind and body and is the most important pre-requisite for a happy and satisfied life.

Health Care in Haldia

Haldia fares competently well in terms of its Health infrastructure and facilities. A robust and well developed network of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and centers of medical research speaks volumes about the health care facilities of the place. Haldia has a good network of ambulance and emergency facilities to cope with mishaps and untoward incidents. Icare is one of the prominent health related organizations which is working towards health initiatives in Haldia.

Hospitals in Haldia:

Hospitals are a vital part of our lives. The industrial town of Haldia has a decent number of good hospitals to look after the health requirement s of its citizens. Superspeciality hospitals with state of the art medical facilities can be found in this port city. Dr. B. C. Roy Hospital, under the banner of ICARE is one of the finest hospitals in Haldia. It is a 700 bed capacity super specialty hospital and is fully air-conditioned. The hospital is equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities.

It has a General ward, Cabins for patients who want privacy and there are also deluxe cabins for those who want extra facilities. There is a round the clock emergency facility and a 24 hours OT facility in the hospital.  There are also economical hospitals that suit the requirements of the common public.  One can avail the services of the private hospitals as well as the government hospitals, depending on one’s preferred choice of health services. Apart from these hospitals, the industrial units have set up their own hospitals as well. Indian Oil Refinery and Port have their own medicare facilities and hospitals which provide the most modern healthcare facilities. Some of the hospitals in Haldia are mentioned below in alphabetical order:
Doctor in the Hospital
  • Government Hospital
  • Haldia CPT Hospital
  • Port Hospital
  • Haldia Seva Sadan
  • Haldia Sub-Divisional Hospital

These hospitals offer a range of services which include gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, cardiology and a host of other medical services.

Clinics & Nursing Homes in Haldia:

Our fast changing lifestyles and the dynamism of today’s living conditions have contributed a lot in the advent of multitude of stress related diseases and therefore the need to have other options than hospitals. More and more people today prefer treatment of their health related issues in private clinics and nursing homes. This has led to the mushrooming of a number of these facilities. Haldia has a good number of private nursing homes. Some of the clinics and nursing homes in Haldia are mentioned below in alphabetical order:

  • Dr C R Mandal Clinic
  • Dr Rabindranath Singha Clinic
  • Dr Soumen Bera Clinic
  • Greenland Clinic
  • Jana Clinic
  • Khila Nursing Home
  • Mediland Nursing Home
  • Navjeevan Nursing Home
  • Pradhan Clinic
  • Raju Clinic
  • SAB Nursing Home
  • Samantha Clinic
  • Seth Clinic

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