Infrastructure in Haldia

Economic growth and sustainable development can be achieved if there is enough planning to develop infrastructure. For economy to flourish, well planned infrastructure that can be a symbiotic avenue for growth of other sectors is very important. The success met in infrastructure development is a mirror to the growth of a region. 

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Haldia has made noteworthy development and taken great strides in infrastructure development. The industrial and social infrastructure in Haldia is world class and with each passing day further developments are being made. Industries, roads, power, land, water, drainage, housing etc are being built at a rapid rate in Haldia.

Roads in Haldia

If you want to develop nations, you should first develop roads because  it is the roads that provide connectivity to towns and cities. The easier it is to reach a place the easier it becomes to sow the seeds of development. Haldia has an excellent road network within the city as well as for places which connect the town to the outside cities. All the colonies have a good network of roads and Haldia can be reached from all the major cities of Bengal through the road network. The roads are in good condition and authorities take care to maintain it from time to time. Efforts are on to add to the existing infrastructure of roads from Dighasipur to Central Bus Terminus. Plans have also been made to widen roads from
  • Chaitanyapur to Kukrahati
  • Road from ferry terminal from Kkrahati to balughata Road
  • Link Road from Baroda Railway Station to Geonkhali Water Works.

Energy Infrastructure in Haldia

Kolaghat Thermal Power Station is the prominent power source for the industrial town. Power supply in Haldia comes under the West Bengal State Electricity Board, but the Hadia Development Authority has also taken initiatives from its end and has got installed a dedicated power supply network to Chaitanpur Water Works. A new power project of 200 MW is also being set up by CESC in Haldia.

Water in Haldia

Haldia has huge demand for water. It is because of the industrial nature of the town. The operations of various industries require plenty of water and water is required for domestic purpose as well. Haldia is self sufficient in water as there are rivers such as Hooghly, Haldi and Rupnarayan that flow through the region. But Haldiā€™s water is saline. So water treatment plants have been commissioned in Geonkhali and other places that ensure treated water supply.

Housing Infrastructure in Haldia

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Haldia is a well planned city and the authority has ensured that housing infrastructure is top class. There are a lot of residential and township projects in Haldia that provide excellent living conditions with all the modern facilities.

The Haldia Development Authority has 700 residential apartments which are available on lease or rent.

Drainage Infrastructure in Haldia

The drainage infrastructure in Haldia is given a lot of importance. It is the responsibility of irrigation and Waterways Department of West Bengal to look after the drainage facilities. The Haldia Development Authority also takes active participation towards this cause. Routine drainage infrastructure activities are taken from time to time. But there is special emphasis on Storm Water Drainage facilities. The HAD has roped in IIT Kharagpur to prepare a comprehensive Storm Water Drainage Master Plan worth Rs 174 Crores for areas where intensive development has taken place.

Rehabilitation in Haldia

It is imperative for an industrial town to have a solid rehabilitation plan. The setting up of industries results in displacement of people and it is the responsibility of the authorities to rehabilitate these people. The Haldia Development Authority has done remarkable work in developing infrastructure to rehabilitate the displaced whose plots have been used to set up industries. Families have resettled in Ramnagar, Durgachak, Bhabanipur, Mahatma Gandhi Nagar and a lot of other places.

Haldia sets an example when it comes to developing infrastructure. The industrial town has created a right balance between industrial and social infrastructure and is on a path of constant and continuous development.
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