Lifestyle in Haldia

A sleepy little place on the banks of Haldi River, not very familiar with the happenings of the outside world has undergone a drastic change in terms of the people living there and lifestyle. Setting up of multinational industries brought with it a surge of nationals and expatriates to this place which has resulted in a pleasant change in the way people live, what they do, where they go out and where they shop.

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Haldia has a sizable number of expatriates who live here and have made it their home. This is primarily due to the setting up of multinational companies whose employees and executives come from their respective countries. As a result, one can find examples and instances of introduction of the foreigners’ lifestyle.

The Japanese Lifestyle in Haldia

One glaring and unique example is the case of the Japanese who have settled in Haldia. Haldia has the unique distinction of being the exclusive Indian city that has a Japan town. The Japanese who have relocated to this small town are substantial in number which has resulted in the development of a mini township called Sataku (Japantown).

These are mainly executives and employees of the Purified Terephthalic Acid plant of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. One can find Japanese lifestyle in Sataku where there are some very good Japanese restaurants which offer great Japanese food. It also has a local Japanese news station. In fact, one can also catch a Japanese movie show in one of the local theatres. Sutaku has a mini golf course too which acts as a major medium of sports and leisure and binds the community together.

Mall Culture in Haldia

Development has also changed the way of one other important aspect of lifestyle in Haldia i.e., the way people shop and spend time while shopping. Though small shopping complexes are still a very integral part of Haldia, one can also notice the advent of mall culture. The residents’ aspirations have grown and they enjoy the lifestyle which is similar to big metropolitans. Shopping, dining out and chilling in malls are the new lifestyle in Haldia.

Parlors and Salons in Haldia

An important aspect of lifestyle is the concern towards appearance. Beauty parlors and salons play a very important role in portraying the lifestyle of a town. Haldia has beauty parlors for males as well as females. There is a lot of opportunity for grooming and looking good if you are in Haldia. List of beauty parlors is as follows:

Saheb Biwi Beauty Salon

Haldia Mechada via Tamluk
Mahishadal, West Bengal- 721628

Manorama Ladies Beauty Parlor
Haldia Township, Haldia,
Purba Medinipur
Phone- 9647102717

Spa The Aviance Beauty Parlor
Haldia Township, Haldia
Purba Medinipur
Phone- 9476160836

Sudeshna Ladies Beauty Parlor
Girishmore, Purba Medinipur
Haldia Road, Durgachak,
Haldia- 721602
Phone- 9635082506

Prins Beauty Parlor
Durgachak, Haldia
Phone- 9475887596

Lovely Beauty Parlor
Baishnab Chak, Hatiberia
Purba Medinipur
Phone- 787247933

Aparna Beauty Parlor
Baishnab Chak, Hatiberia
Purba Medinipur
Phone- 787247933

Spa Gents Beauty Parlor
Haldia Township, Haldia 721602

Sangam Gents Parlor
C Block, Durgachak
Haldia- 721602
Phone- 9332524386

An epitome of change, Haldia shines as a bright example of how a place can embrace the thought of development and improve the lifestyle of its people. The lifestyle in Haldia has changed for good and there are many more positive changes still in the pipeline.
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