Localities and Area in Haldia

Cities and towns are remembered for and identified by their localities and special areas that have become famous with the passing of time due to some special reasons. In a country like India, localities play a very important role. They act as a multipurpose place where families sit and chatter about the happenings of the day, children play in the narrow by-lanes or youth gather near the most famous sweet shop or betel shop and enjoy pleasing bantering with their fellows.

Haldia Localities

Haldia Township

Haldia has a few localities and areas which are very similar in characteristics to the other localities in India. Some localities have been named on people or after the most famous movie theater. Haldia’s residential areas are divided into various sectors and clusters and one would find employees living in quarters in these areas. Hadia is approximately divided into more than twenty four clusters. This is mainly because the residential areas have been planned this way by the companies.

Durgachak in Haldia

Area in HaldiaDurgachak is the most important area of Haldia. It would be prudent to call it the commercial capital of Haldia that acts as nerve center of the region.

Businesses, schools, stores, shops offices- government as well as private all operate from Durgachak.

It is the place in Haldia where all the activity takes place. Some very good hotels can also be found in Durgachak.

Manjushree is an important area in Durgachak. The name has a fair bit of local history related to it. It has been named after the famous Manjushree Cinema Hall. All the important banks, offices and stores can be found in Manjushree. The Big Bazaar is also in Manjushree in the Akash Ganga Mall. Some fast facts about Durgachak:

City- Haldia
Pin Code- 721602
Post Office Name- Durgachak

Haldia Riverside Estates in Haldia

This estate has been established by L&T Company. It is a residential township that was constructed to provide accommodation to the management and staff of Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. It is situated at a distance of 14 kms from the main plant and has all the modern facilities and amenities that are required for a comfortable living. It is a model township which has a pool, restaurant, gymnasium, bar and halls for community activities.

Brajanathchak in Haldia

It is another residential area in Haldia. One of the unique features of this place is the way the area has been commendably well planned. It also has another name- Jibananda Das Nagar. It is very near to the Haldia Township and the Haldia bus depot is just round the corner from here.

Brajalalchak in Haldia

One of the oldest localities in Haldia, it is very near to the Haldia-Balughata bypass road and the National Highway NH-41.

Sutaku in Haldia

Providing a multinational look and feel to Haldia is the locality of Japanese expatriates called Sutaku. Sutaku when converted from Japanese means Japantown. Comprising of executives and employees of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation it is totally Japanese in nature. There are Japanese restaurants, cinema hall shows Japanese movies, and there is even a small Japanese radio station here.

Horkhali in Haldia

Horkhali is a village in the East Medinipur district of West Bengal in the Sutahata Block. Haldia is 5 kms away from this place. Haldia block lies to the south of Horkhali.

Important Residential Colonies in Haldia

  • Residential Area, CPT, Cluster 9
  • Calcutta Port Trust, Residential Zone
  • Cluster 12- IOC Township
  • Coastguard Colony
  • Azad Hind Nagar
  • Mitsubishi Residential Complex
  • Railway Quarters

Haldia is a beautiful example of some very well planned residential complexes. The localities in Haldia are abuzz with activities throughout the day and are great centers of business.
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