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John Daniel Barry once said in “The Perfect Mother” that “Society is the mother of us all. A very sort sentence but packed with so much meaning. Society indeed stands tall on all of us like a motherly figure. A just and equal society provides us with the necessary ingredients to be happy in life. A good society is one that strives and works for the collective development of individuals and leaves no stone unturned to bring benefits to the lesser privileged. It is he collective consciousness of individuals that has led, in so many instances, of setting up of various NGO’s, women empowerment cells, orphanages for the children with no parents and other needy sections. Inclusive growth for all should be the motto of every society.

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Haldia, which belongs to the State of West Bengal, has all the distinctive features of society in the region. A deep and strong passion to uplift and help the weaker and lesser privileged section of the society can be seen in people in Haldia. This has led to the formation of many Non Governmental Organizations that provide succor to various sections in different fields. NGO,s related with women empowerment and education, child development and education, health, help for poor and needy etc can be found in Haldia.

NGOs in Haldia

NGO’s are not for profit organizations that work towards the development and upliftment of the underprivileged and needy section of the society. They take up various causes and issues such as health, education, basic necessities, female empowerment, rehabilitation and other such issues where the not so able population gets oppressed by those in power.
Many NGO’s work in Haldia on variety of issues such as animal welfare, education for children, employability programs etc. Some NGO’s in Haldia are as under:
  • Prati Bandhi Kalyan Samiti
  • Shradhaya Global Society
  • Tagore Missions Foundation
  • Haldia VIgyan Parishad

Child Welfare and Orphanages in Haldia

One of the most vulnerable sections of our society are the poor children born under adverse circumstances or children who have been abandoned by their parents. These children require special help and support during their growing age in order to get a direction in their lives. There are various child welfare centers and orphanages in Haldia that look after the basic needs, education and other welfare activities of children. Oe orphanage providing valuable service in this regard in Haldia is:

Tamralipta Pratik Welfare Mission
Fancy Market, Haldia Township,
Haldia- 721607
Contact Number- 9933495164

Some other NGOs working towards child welfare and development in Haldia are:

  • Prati Bandhi Kalyan Samiti
  • Hare Krishna Hare Ram Committee
  • Deng Foundation Mariam

Women Welfare in Haldia

It has been emphasized from time to time that women deserved to be treated better than how they are being treated today. To work towards this cause and provide spport to females in distress women welfare organizations have been established I India. These organizations provide them education, employability skills and a new found confidence to take on this world. The following NGO’s take up the cause of females in Haldia:
  • Guaberia Mahila Mangal O Sishu Kalyan Kendra
  • Shradhay Global Society
  • Haldia Samaj Kalyan Parsad

Keeping true to the spirit of Bengal as well as India, Haldia has done its bit in the effort towards inclusive development of society. Due attention has been given to take up the cause of people in distress and steps have been taken for their betterment.
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