The Beautiful Meen Dwip from Haldia

Meen Dwip The Tranquil Island

If you are in Haldia and in a mood for an excursion there are plenty of places to choose. While Digha, Madarmani, Shankarpur are top draws they are by no means only ones. There are so many more. Pashkura with its acres of flower and vegetable gardens is a good place to visit. Those in search of history can visit Tamluk and Contai. Both these towns have long historical heritage. They were also the home to many freedom fighters and carry their legacy till date.  However, if you are hunting for a place where you can breathe pollution free air and spend a tension free day, Meen Dwip is the place to go.

Meen Dwip across River Haldi

Meen Dwip is a river island, located in the Nayachar region. As its name suggests, the island is home to many fishermen. Indeed, the economy of the island depends entirely on fishing and the only accommodation in this island is offered by the Department of Fisheries, West Bengal. Therefore, if you want to spend a weekend there, you must make prior arrangement. Otherwise, you can take a day’s trip to the island and come back by night fall. However, do not miss the sun set over Haldi River. It is simply mesmerizing.

How to reach Meen Dwip from Haldia

On Way to Meen Dwip

To reach Meen Dwip from Haldia, one has first to reach Kukrahati. Haldia Municipality operates regular ferry services between these two towns. If you miss one do not worry, another will be leaving in half an hour. It will take around 15 minutes to cross this stretch. However, the journey does not end there. Your next destination is Patikhali.

At Kukrahati, you will find a number of cycle vans waiting for passengers. Unless you are in big group you may have to share it with other passengers. It will not take long to reach Patikhali. From there, take another ferry service and very soon you will be in Meen Dwip.

Meen Dwip near the Haldi River estuary

Meen Dwip is located on the eastern bank of River Haldi close to the estuary.  The exotic view of the river, the green fields, blue sky and blowing winds can truly soothe your nerves. On the con side, the mobile connectivity is little uncertain over here and so you will have to do without your favorite cell phone

What to do in Meen Dwip

Fishing Ponds at Meen Dwip

It is true that the place does not have any place for recreation; neither there is much scope for communication with external world. Yet these are few of the reasons why people come here.  Indeed, if you want to find time for yourself there is no better place than Meen Dwip. One can spend hours watching River Haldi and trying to locate dolphins swimming about and occasionally popping up their heads as if to see who is there. Unfortunately, this exotic animal is now an endangered species and so they must not be disturbed under any condition.

 You can also hire a country boat and sail through the river enjoying every minute of it. Walking around the bheries (fishing ponds) also offers unique experience. However, if you like less action, just sit down at a convenient place keeping your eyes and ears open. You can indeed spend hours watching the kingfishers and spoon bills waiting for their prey, listening to the cry of sea gulls. If you are careful you may also spot many endangered butterflies. A book of butterflies may help you in this respect. 

What to take with you to Meen Dwip

If you mean to go there just for the day you need not take much. You may find a book on butterflies, another on birds, a pair of binoculars and a camera quite useful.  A set of outdoor games may also come handy. The Rest House managed by Fisheries Department offers decent dining as well as boarding facility. You can also bring your own food and have picnic out there.
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