Transport in Haldia

Transport in Haldia is a pretty satisfactory affair. For a small place, it has got quite impressive network of road transport, rail connectivity and water transport which cater to the locals and large number of tourists who visit this place. The Haldia Municipality has worked very hard for a robust transportation system in Haldia and at present is the major transport provider in the town.

Transport in Haldia

Connectivity To and From Haldia

Haldia has excellent connectivity and is easily accessible by various modes of transport. Road connectivity, rail connectivity and access through water provide it good connectivity.

Travel by Road in Haldia

There is decent connectivity in Haldia by buses. The local transport for the public is being catered to by buses under the aegis of Haldia Municipal Corporation. At present there is a total number of 7 bus routes. Networks of 25 buses ply on this route everyday and carry around 8000 passengers on an average. Local buses are available everyday from 5 A.M. in the morning to 9:30 P.M. at night
Haldia is conveniently connected to the Kolkata-Mumbai Highway (NH6). Surrounding places like Mecheda, Ranichak, Brajalchak, Nandakumar, Kapasberia, Radhamoni etc can be reached by boarding bus from Haldia Township.

Important Bus Time Table to and from Haldia

From: Kolkata to Haldia
Starts at: Haldia Central Bus Stand
Arrives At: Esplanade, Kolkata
Time Taken: 3 Hours Approximately
Departure time from Kolkata: One bus at 7:00 A.M. and one at 4:45P.M.

From: Haldia to Burnpur
Starts at: Haldia Township
Arrives at: Burnpur via Kolkata
Time Taken: 9 hours approximately
From: Burnpr to Haldia
Starts at: Burnpur
Arrives at: Haldia Central bus Stand
Time Taken: 7 hours approximately

From: Haldia to Digha
Starts at: Haldia
Arrives at: New Digha Bus Stand
Time Taken: 3 hours approximately
Frequency: 3 buses leave at 4:50 A.M., 6:30 P.M. and 1:20 P.M. respectively.

From: Digha to Haldia
Starts at: New Digha Bus Stand
Arrives at: Haldia Township
Time Taken: 3 hours approximately
Frequency: 3 buses leave at 8:10 A.M., 2:30 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. respectively.

Ferry Ride in Haldia

Train Journey in Haldia

Train connectivity too is pretty well developed in Haldia. Passenger train connectivity to Mumbai, Kolakata and Chennai is good. Local train network to Howrah can be availed through 3 local trains which move via Pansukra.

Important Train Time Table to and from Haldia

Howrah-Haldia Local

Starts At:  HOWRAH JN , West Bengal
Ends At   HALDIA , West Bengal
Train No : 68691
Train Arrival Time : 21:25
Train Distance From HOWRAH JN
West Bengal to HALDIA is 139.6

Sangrami SF Express
Starts At : CHENNAI CENTRAL , Tamil Nadu
Ends At :HALDIA , West Bengal
Train No : 22613
Train Arrival Time : 18:10
Train Distance From CHENNAI CENTRAL
Tamil Nadu to HALDIA is 1659.6

Haldia-Asansol Express
Starts At   HALDIA , West Bengal
Ends At   ASANSOL JN , West Bengal
Train No : 13501
Train Departure Time : 14:10

Anand Vihar (T) Delhi Haldia Weekly Express
Starts At:  ANAND VIHAR TRM , Delhi
Ends At : HALDIA , West Bengal
Train No : 12444
Train Arrival Time : 20:30
Train Distance From ANAND VIHAR TRM
Delhi to HALDIA is 1651.7

Connectivity by Waterways in Haldia

A journey which makes Haldia an exciting place to explore is through the waterways. Ferry services and boat services connect Haldia to Howrah, Kukrahati and Raichak.

Important Ferry Time Table to and from Haldia

From: Haldia to Nandigram
Starts at: Haldia Township
Arrives at: Nandigram ferry ghat
Time Taken: 1/2 hour approximately
Frequency: Throughout the day. First ferry leaves at 5:30 A.M.

From: Nandigram to Haldia
Starts at: Nandigram ferry ghat
Arrives at: Haldia
Time Taken: 1/2 hour approximately
Frequency: Throughout the day. First ferry leaves at 5:00 A.M.

From: Haldia to Sagardeep
Time Taken: 2.5 hours approximately
Frequency: Everyday except on Sundays. First ferry leaves at 3:30 P.M.
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